Saturday, June 27, 2015

Before you read this, say this number out loud.

Did you say "twenty" or "twenny"?  I ask because most Americans no longer pronounce certain T sounds?  Is it ignorance or just laziness? Are they unable to recognize the spelling of a word? Or are they so used to others' mispronunciation, they just imitate it? For instance the Internet has a T near the front, which means it's not innanet. And our Eastern coast is on the Atlantic Ocean not the Atlannic. We don't have an innacoastal highway, watch celebrity innaviews, or find certain subjects innaresting. Not only do these incorrect pronunciations make one sound like they never "ennered" a college,  but they weaken every word denied of a T.  A person with a gentle nature sounds a whole lot classier than one with a gennil nature. I think this epidemic misuse of words greatly weakens our wonderful language. And what's really discouraging is that the misuse is widely represented in the broadcast media. The nightly news is rife with words in which the T is missing. And I cringe every time I hear a promo on ABC for their program "Twenny Twenny".

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