Saturday, June 27, 2015


Most of the phone calls I receive on my land line and cell are irritating sales calls. Just as almost all the snail mail I receive are ads or pleas for money from lots of charities and political groups. As far as the phone goes if there is the slightest bit of dead air when I answer, I know it's a robot call and hang up. As far as the e-mail goes, you can click on the damn message then demand to be removed from their spam list. The most annoying thing about that is the wording. It reads, "If you wish to unsubscribe to this service, click here." Since you never subscribed in the first place, this is infuriating, especially since once you click you still have to type out your e-mail address. So you're taking orders from some slimy
losers in a boiler room to have them stop sending you crap you never wanted in the first place. Ah, the price of technology.

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