Monday, April 24, 2017


Trump has had a lot of stupid ideas, but the stupidest is the wall. It is a project so expensive that it would cost every American about $400.00. It is being considered only out of Donald's hatred for Mexicans and anyone else who tries to enter his private paradise illegally. Worst of all, it's totally ineffective. All you need is a tall ladder, wire cutters and a rope and you're over. And you don't have to be covert about it,  since I don't think any force can guard thousands of miles 24 hours a day. Plus, hiring only American guards is impossible. So most of the guards will probably be Mexican. Then of course it means appropriating land that is privately owned and has been for decades.  The Texans are going to love that. They'll especially love having their magnificent replaced by miles of  concrete and steel. Lovely. Finally, it will become a symbol of a repressive and paranoid America, far outdistancing the Berlin Wall. Great public relations. And, once again, considering its cost wouldn't it be cheaper to build an entire city in Mexico with comfortable houses, stores, a shopping mall, and a few factories? Even that would be much less expensive than Trump's idiotic wall. It's truly amazing the number of enablers that indulge this spoiled and impractical child.

Sunday, April 23, 2017


One of these days there will be incontrovertible proof that Trump was elected through the machinations of the Russian government, and he will be removed from office. Once he has, the news media will act as if they had nothing to do with his election and suggest that they never kissed his ass despite all the evidence to the contrary.  There will be all kinds of "How was this possible?" stories about social- climbing Ivanka given a White House office, her naif of a husband given excessive power, and Steve Bannon given a blank slate for bigotry. Many red states will insist that they never actually voted Trump in, and pathetic toadies like Spicer, Sessions, Nunes, Miller, and others will try to underplay their shameless kowtowing. One TV special will add up all the excess expenses of Trump's wasted time at Mara Lago, which will be the new term for obscene extravagance. Other specials will reveal many of Trump's secrets like his costly hairdresser, favorite Clairol shade, uncomfortable corsets, makeup artists, elevator shoes, and failed face lifts. Despite the many lawsuits following his fall, he will not serve prison time. He will, however, pay millions to the many women he molested, see the decline of the Trump name, close his many Russian franchises, and probably become a recluse in his garish Trump Tower residence to live out his years as Sir Walter Scott said, "unwept, unhonored and unsung".
Is this clueless creature really the Attorney General of the United States?
This little worm, who swore to uphold the laws of the land, should have resigned when he was caught lying to Congress. Yet, like all leaches, he's still holding on. 

Friday, April 21, 2017


I  cannot understand why this photo was featured on so many news networks this week. What we see are three semi-celebrities: Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent, and Kid Rock posing in front of a portrait of Hillary Clinton at the White House after they had lunch with another loser, President Trump. How is the puerile action of three nitwits national news? Was their intention to ridicule Hillary Clinton, a woman who accomplished more each year than they have in their lifetimes? If so, they failed. The very fact that she has a portrait in the White House makes fools of this trio. All they have proven is that they are undisciplined and infantile ninnies who, at 47, 53, and 68, are still unable to control their childish angers and urge to perform impulsive and unimaginative stunts like this. The pity is that news coverage today so reveres the trivial that this irrelevant trio gets to be seen with the portrait of a world-famous and highly admired world leader.

Thursday, April 20, 2017


Is grifting considered a new career choice, because there are so many people doing it? Not a week goes by that I don't get a notice from a bank (where I don't have an account) asking me to update my information. Then there are the threatening phone calls from the fake IRS agents demanding payment for some past error that never occurred. There are the calls from pathetic travelers stranded at a foreign airport who somehow got your name and need you to send cash. Sadly most of these scams are directed at the elderly, who all too often fall for these telephone schemes.  I haven't yet been cursed with identity theft, though I know those who have. What kind of human garbage do you have to be to make your living out of lying and stealing?  Frankly I would like to see this country empty our jails and prisons of all the petty drug dealers to make room for these internet thieves. Actually I would like to see them lined up daily in front of a firing squad, but one isn't supposed to say that.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

If we don't stop him soon, this maniac will get millions killed.
This is the Lucretia Crocker Elementary School in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, where I began my education when I was six years old in 1948.  I remember loving school then, and being taught things you never hear of today, like square dancing, etiquette, and poetry. My favorite subject was always English, the only class in which I excelled. Teachers then were very fussy about grammar and diction, one didn't say "ain't", use a double negative, or employ "was" when "were" was the correct usage.  I cannot remember a single class, ever, where the teacher said, "You must never pronounce Ts in the middle of words." Why? Because they never did. I mention this because I cannot understand why so many Americans have totally given up on so many interior Ts that should be pronounced but aren't. Did a dictate come down of which I wasn't aware? Why does everyone say innanet, innastate, innaview, atlannic. and romannic to name just five out of hundreds of mispronounced words? True, there are some announcers and celebrities who still pronounce them correctly, but very few. Yes, this is an obsession with me. And I wish others gave a damn, but they don't seem to. Does it matter? Yes. Because when these words are properly pronounced, they sound so much better.

Note: I cringe with annoyance every night when David Muir comments about, "an accident on the