Saturday, June 2, 2018


Battery-operated appliances, notably vacuum cleaners.  In the past five years I have had to toss out two Dirt Devil portable vacuums, Three Shark full-size vacuum cleaners, one portable Black and Decker portable vacuum cleaner. The problem with them all was that they did a wonderful job for three, maybe four, house cleanings. Then they expired. It was only idiotic optimism that fooled me into buying a second or third, all of which did the same thing: perform beautifully, then drop dead. I could have sent for new batteries, which often cost more than the machine, but what could I expect from them? Not much. So since then I have only bought vacuums with electrical cords and have not had to replace them. Sadly, the best vacuum cleaner I ever had ceased production years ago (the bastards). It was the Regina Electrik Broom. It was powerful, portable, and had an easy-to-empty cup. Best of all it lasted me for 8 years, basically sixteen times longer than recent purchases. So other than flashlights and emergency radios, as soon as I see the words battery-operated, I totally lose

Thursday, May 31, 2018


We all know the word we rarely use, and when we do it is reserved for the lowest form of person, someone so vile no other epithet seems to fit. When used it almost always causes a stir, either from a prude who feels it should never be used, or someone who might find it overly contemptible. Recently the oft-proven arrogant daughter of our president, using her father's power and the Trump name oiled her way into several deals with the Chinese. Since she has, from the beginning of his presidency been a constant parasitic barnacle on the ship of state, along with her equally unctuous husband, we were not surprised. Like all the Trumps, it seemed that profit was her only goal in life other than the vanity that has her constantly looking like a lifeless life-size Barbie. But recently she sank to a new low. During a time when thousands of young children were separated from their loving parents at an American border crossing, and sent off to the terror of sites unknown, Ivanka Trump considered this the perfect time to display a photo herself and one of her privileged-life children. The timing of this grab for narcissistic envy from the world, could not have been less correct. Immediately she was scolded soundly by society for such an ill-considered and cruel act. Not that she, pampered princess that she is cared. Someone who did care was comedienne Samantha Bee who, in her popular tv shows referred to Ivanka Trump as a feckless cunt, which she obviously is. Now, of course, in recognizing the offensive conduct of the spoiled Ms. Trump, there is a movement to remove Samantha Bee. Let us hope this does not occur, as it will signal yet another successful attack on America's proudest
heritage: Freedom of Speech.

Thursday, May 24, 2018


I hate sports. I have never been to a sports game of any kind in my life and am sure I never will. But what I hate more is tyranny, How dare our fat, useless, arrogant, ignorant, flatulent President force the NFL to forbid black players from taking a knee to protest the treatment of African Americans by law enforcement. And how dare the NFL cave to the whims of a president who is not only an idiot but a hypocrite. He talks about the sanctity of the American flag and the national anthem while he day by day destroys our country and proves to be a Russian-supported traitor to America. I think professional athletes are overpaid. I think, from what I've heard, ticket prices are insane and elitist. But that has nothing to do with freedom of speech. But this isn't really a freedom of speech issue. It's a race issue. Trump is a racist and can't bear that a black man would go against his wishes, his demands. Many football fans are racist and cling to this issue as an excuse to resent and vilify men whose talent they admire and lives they envy. What an opportunity to hate. In the meantime the NFL owners who are racist as well as cowardly are happy to indulge a delusional autocrat in his fake jingoism rather than doing the American thing--what is right. This absurd new rule is just another example of how our great and free country is falling sway to a petty dictator. Donald Trump has told thousands of lies, but the biggest one of all was suggesting that he would Make America Great Again.
It never stopped being great until the day he took office.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

At first I was going to write a blog about the number or commercials where the diction is so bad you can't understand what the actors are saying. This commercial for instance is always garbled. But now I can see why. This is another one of those juvenile commercials where the writer felt he was being clever by being vulgar and only comes off making the advertiser look as low-brow as the writer.
Apparently the networks airing the spot had no choice but to obfuscate the words rather than chance being accused of offending the station's code. Judge for yourself if this is hilarious funny, or embarrassingly low rent.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

I would nominate this is the most pretentious commercial on television, except there is another version that is even more pretentious because it uses the word immutable. I doubt  that many people know the word "immutable". I know I don't.  But the entire commercial reeks of idiocy and manipulation and arrogance.  As if even seeing this costly car will inspire you to purchase it. I happen to have seen and driven in the Julia or Juliette or whatever the hell they call it. It's gorgeous and  certainly deserves a more intelligent commercial. Every time this stupid promotion comes on, I not only look away but change the channel.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


You will note that my last post fantasied about how the Trumps would live if they hadn't been showered with money,very little of which came from hard work and ingenuity. Naturally they wouldn't look as kempt in the photo I had to choose. But happily a very good friend sent me this photo which more clearly reflects the Trump Crime Family's true appearance. Unfortunately I could not effectively remove the last photo so must let this one stand by itself. I think you will agree that the is a good depiction of who the Trumps really are. Because of you don't agree why are you reading this blog.