Thursday, February 23, 2017


Trump did cause one good thing. His presidency gave us proof positive that the Republicans are lazy, greedy, unpatriotic cowards. The number of GOP lawmakers who were unwilling to meet with the very people who put them in office and pay their excessive salaries is shocking. And the ones who did cave and attended town hall meetings show us how out of sync they are with real people.The reptilian Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell could only stand mute with an idiotic expression on his collapsing face totally unmoved by a constituents passionate rant. The egotistical Tom Cotton, looking puffy and rumpled didn't have a clue how to calm his angry crowd. Most others. including the ever evasive Marco Rubio, didn't have the courage to face their town halls, one of which was still conducted with questions directed to an actual empty suit. Yes, the election of a totally ignorant and worthless and unquestionably dangerous dictator has been a magnifying glass that exposes the Republican worms and lice that are crawling all over the Houses of Congress and not a can of Raid in sight.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


ANTISEMITIC. For some reason most people say antisemetic. Think Semite, not Semete.
INTERNET. Note the T. It's not innernet or innanet. The same rule applies to interstate, intercourse, interview, Atlantic. romantic, dentist, Santa Claus, or any Santa, and hundreds of other words that have an interior T that is supposed to be pronounced. Try it. It actually sounds nicer pronounced properly.
PUNDIT. While not as rampant, many people—including our moronic president—says pundint.
NUCLEAR. Speaking of idiots, George W. Bush said nucular as do many politicians who should know better
GULF. Surprise, there is no Golf of Mexico.
Sorry, had to get that out of my system.

NOTE: Comcast, America's most hated company, has produced dozens of commercials to lure new users to their incompetent service. And on every one of them they mispronounce the very thing they profit from: the Internet, which they think is the innanet.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Benito Mussolini and Donald Trump. So much alike in so many ways.
Note: The lower photo was shown among the photos of Mussolini on Google. I always recall him as being bald. 
I always thought it was just a movie, that it could never actually happen in America. But after seeing the Trump crowd at Melbourne, Florida, yesterday, I see I was wrong. 


Awhile back, if I remember correctly,there was such a thing as truth in advertising. Products could not make claims that were not true. Those days are over. So many products today promise results that they cannot possibly deliver. And, of course, the gullible consumer believes them. For instance febreze does not eliminate odors. Like every other air freshener they cover odors up until they disappear on their own. And Bayer aspirin does not prevent strokes or aid during a heart attack any more than any other aspirin, which is just as ineffective. Neither Advil nor Aleve delivers the long-term freedom from pain they promise in their many, many commercials. I have yet to find a cough suppressant that suppresses coughing or a cold cure that cures colds. Most "One coat covers" paints require two or more coats. No product grows hair or removes wrinkles or melts off fat in just a week or two. DiGiorno pizzas are not better than the ones from your local pizzeria. Cheerios do not make you stronger. Anyway there are too many products to list. I'm sure you have your own disappointing shams. And of course the networks couldn't care less about how honest commercials are. An excellent example of this is Prevagen, the supposed memory enhancer created from jellyfish. This product was soundly debunked as a fraud months ago, but their advertising is still running and promising everything it did before. I have long complained about the excessive commercials on television.. What makes them even worse is that so many of them are lies.

Thursday, February 16, 2017


Today, February 9, as most people know is A Day Without Immigrants, a work-stoppage event to show the country, and Trump, how important immigrants are to the American economy and fabric.
All over America, businesses had to rely on skeleton crews or close down entirely as the nation's hard-working immigrants, legal or illegal, proved their value to our nation's success and progress. I, of course, greatly support this show of force. But it also made me wonder what would happen if we had A Day Without Gays. Not only would every single profession be affected from architects to zoologists, but imagine what it would do to the world of artists, singers, dancers, hairdressers, waiters, flight attendants, chefs, fashion designers, nurses, and every possible creative field where gays have greatly distinguished themselves. Broadway alone would be a very dark place. Our nation I think would be totally shocked to see how much it depends on the wit, intelligence, imagination, talent, and vivacity of its gay citizens. It may never happen, but it's something to think about during the Trump years when he has so many right-wing bigots, racists, and homophobes in his administration.


Today, at a press conference, Donald Trump, in defending his failed presidency, was especially combative and whiny. He began his list of complaints, excuses and lies with the statement that he had inherited a mess, both here and abroad. The suggestion being that that our beloved and incredibly organized former president left every department in complete disarray not to mention colonies of dust bunnies under every White House bed. Among his many brags were reminding the press once again that he won the electoral college votes and that he has achieved more in his short administration than any other president in history. He suggested that his partially constructed cabinet was performing brilliantly, as was he, despite the lies and deceptions of the nasty, ineffective, incompetent lying media scum sitting before him. He seemed especially nervous today and rather breathless, unless those many gasps for air can be blamed on a faulty microphone. His rambling, fast-paced, non-stop, sniffling and boastful exaggerations might suggest to some the egocentric ravings of a coke addict, if he had not crowed about what a great warrior he was in the war on drugs.  When he finally opened up his "poor me" tirade for a Q and A, he was, as usual, hostile and evasive, and even pathetically asked for a "friendly question" which he considered unfriendly. Naturally he double-talked his way through any questions on his future plans; danced around any queries about Flynn, whom he admires so much he fired him; and dodged any suggestion of a bromance with Putin, whom apparently he hardly knows and only spoke to twice when Vladdy called him. As I watched this strange performance and noted his many grammatical slips I took heart with the thought that this kind of nonsense can't possibly go on much longer.