Saturday, October 22, 2016


There are some things I just don't understand on the news.  Notably MSNBC. Though people think I'm nuts, I feel I have noticed a bias toward Trump from the beginning. Like yesterday, October 21, barely
two weeks before the election Chuck Todd was saying that Trump seemed reasonable that day and if he continued he might still turn the election around. Chuck Todd. Is he nuts? Has he not been paying attention? Does he really think at this late date the Trump, by behaving, can change the vote...or even that Trump can behave. I call this wishful thinking. He must be a closet Trump fan.

Friday, October 21, 2016


A lot of people think Donald Trump is the most obnoxious American, and with good reason. But he actually isn't, though he comes very close. But even more obnoxious is Rudy Giuliani, and not just because of his sickening insincere smile. At the moment his is an flunky, hanger-on apologist for Trump, but he is a toad in his own right.  He's a man utterly without any kind of moral code; a cross-dresser who sadly is more attractive as a woman but hideous even then; a pussy-whipped slave to a woman nearly as shallow as he is. His only semi-claim to fame is having been in New York City on 9-11, in which he portrays himself as heroic despite much evidence to the contrary.
The man, in short, is so repulsive I  could not bring myself to include his photo in this post but chose instead to include a related creature that is far easier to look at.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


It was very clever of Donald Trump to suggest that he and Hillary take a drug test before tonight's final debate. Since he knows perfectly well that such a test would never even be considered, it makes it look like he's confident that he'd pass, which he probably wouldn't. And it allows him to suggest that Hillary might be a user, which is absurd. So tonight he can coke up and sniff his way through the debate and all his moronic fans will say, "If he used coke, he would never have requested a drug test." That's how gullible they are. If Hillary were the bitch that he and the cooperative lazy media suggest, she would have invited all his accusers to the debate. But unlike Paula Jones and those other harridan whores at
the last debate, these women would not have come because they are not paid-off avengers but victims seeking justice and exposure and at the same time preventing a major disaster in American politics. So Donald, ever the schoolyard bully, can have his supposedly intimidating guests, like Obama's ne'er-do-well, much-married, vindictive half brother,  thus showing the country just what a petty and vindictive coward Trump is.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


During most presidential campaign seasons there are lots of lawn signs in evidence. But not this year. In my middle-class neighborhood I have seen almost none. And friends in other cities tell me the same thing. This is anecdotal, of course. But I suspect it's accurate. And I think I know why. Because Trump's fans have proven so angry, so vengeful, so illogical and unhinged, putting a Clinton/Kaine sign in front of your house would be inviting vandalism. Same with bumper stickers. I have seen some Trump/Pence signs, but liberals are nowhere near as likely to throw rocks or create graffiti. It's a sad situation, and we can only hope that when Hillary wins, that segment of Trump supporters who are deplorable sore losers can control their illogical anger.


America has gone completely mad. The October issue of the AARP Bulletin has this headline "WHERE THEY STAND" and this subhead, "Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton On Social Security, Health Care, Fixing the Economy and Terrorism." My question is, who the fuck cares where Trump stands?  Donald Trump is a maniac. It doesn't matter where he stands because he's completely unfit to be president, and he's such a liar that even if he weren't he's unlikely to follow through with any so-called stand. What is AARP thinking? Their cover should read "AMERICA IS IN GRAVE DANGER". AARP should list his failings and encourage every member to vote for Hillary Clinton if they want their retirement years to be happy and chaos-free. Any discussion of a Trump presidency should be regarded as insanity. The man is an egomaniac, a xenophobic, a bigot, a racist, an instigator, a paranoid personality, a con man, a liar extraordinaire, and more than likely, a sexual predator. What's next? Time naming him the "Man of the Year". People calling him the "Sexiest Man Alive"?


Apparently the only admirable thing that John McCain ever did was get captured and tortured. Even then there are stories that he wasn't as brave and admirable as he likes to portray himself. But in recent years he has proven himself to be a war-mongering idiot. His latest unpatriotic act is to threaten to fight any recommendation President Clinton may have for the Supreme Court. What an asshole threat. This dummy still thinks his word counts. Wrong. Once he chose Sarah Palin as his Vice President, he gave up any kind of credibility. This stupidity is as indelible as full-body tattoos. Unforgettable. Unremovable.  Actually one of the really smart things
that John McCain ever did was marry a rich woman.


The trouble with losers is they hate losing even though they do it so often. Which is why Trump in anticipation of losing the election is saying that it's rigged. Believing this, he has fired up his gullible fans to violent agreement. Now these boneheads are threatening strikes and worse if Hillary is elected. The GOP has done irreversible damage on America which can only get worse in November. They have unleashed mobs of bitter, disappointed, vengeful Americans who have very little to lose and resent anyone who they believe has prevented their illusory success. And leading them up this pinnacle of anger is the broadcast media with their constant Third Reich coverage of Donald Trump and endless and false attacks on Hillary Clinton. The media wanted to create a dramatic rivalry, instead they may have created a revolution.

Note: The nutcase seen above is named Dan Bowan. He says that if Hillary is elected he will "take her out". We can all guess what that means. When you look at this gullible moron with his maniacal grin,
take him seriously And consider, he is just one of the brainwashed Trump supporters.