Thursday, May 25, 2017


Melania Trump is very lucky. She hooked Donald Trump when she was nearly broke and will probably end up a millionaire after the divorce. She won't have a drawn-out custody fight over Barron because Trump doesn't really want the responsibility of a child, especially one who is autistic. Even before the divorce she doesn't have to sleep with this fat, repulsive boor because he's mostly someplace else. She's attractive enough to land another husband if she wants, despite the fact that she barely has any eyes. Since the media isn't offended by vapidity, she will probably do lots of future talk shows and smile coyly when they ask, "Do you still visit Donald in jail?" Of course, she will be stifled from making any negative comments about her ex-husband, but wait'll you hear what she has to say about Ivanka!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Despite being an atheist I have great respect for Pope Francis. I am aware that having an audience with him would be a sublime religious experience to millions of Catholics worldwide. Thus I find it very offensive that he has to meet with someone as low and vulgar as President Trump and his parasitic relatives. The Kushners are probably the pushiest, most parvenu hanger-ons of our times, as unworthy of an audience with the pope as they are with access to the White House. Trump himself claims to be a Christian, which I doubt, as I doubt that he is pro-life as he claims, since that would mean actually caring about an issue that doesn't involve him.  I suspect, in fact, he is an ardent atheist as he is not likely to have any gods before him. And naturally he has no concern about global warming as he is too ignorant to understand its importance. Melania is, at least, a Roman Catholic, giving her some claim to meeting the Pope. I'm sure while posing for this photo she has fantasies about her future divorce.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

If anybody is reading my blog and expects an e-mail forget it. I don't have e-mail today because I have Comcast, and for some reason they just removed it for no reason. Of course I tried getting it back, but they rejected all correct passwords and notified me that they sent a text message to my phone. I don't have text messaging. I did spend 45 minutes on the phone, being disconnected, and later talking with a sympathetic employee in China. He couldn't get my e-mail back, and eventually I had to big goodbye as my blood pressure soared at Comcast's incompetence. He promises to call tomorrow. But a Comcast promise has absolutely no value, so I suspect I will be on the phone, like millions of Comcast users, for another horrendous near hour tomorrow to solve an irritating problem which should not have occurred in the first place.


I have been an atheist since I was 12. Today at 74, I see no reason to be anything else. However, recently when I read that big game hunter, Theunis Botha, while hunting in Zimbabwe, was crushed to death when an dying elephant fell on him, I thought, 'hmmm, maybe there is a god'. Then I thought about all the thousands of innocent animals that are slaughtered every year by sadistic hunters like Botha and, of course, the brainless Trump brothers,  hunters who are never punished for their killings and, in fact, continue to live the privileged lives of the cruel and wealthy. Then is was obvious to me: of course there is no god.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

I love it. The media are praising Donald for his speech in Riyadh. Don't they know this illiterate can't write a speech?  If anything, praise him for puppeting a speech. So far no one has mentioned his bored expression and his nearly falling asleep during King Salman's speech. Is that verboten? Has suppression of the press already begun? I would love to hear the instructions on Air Force One to all his loyal lackeys commanding them to use the word "president" as often as possible. Nobody mentions that narcissistic Ivanka is a pushy intrusive bitch in addition to being an evil employer of underpaid children. Her stone-faced parvenu husband, Norman Bates, isn't much better. We still don't know why Rancid Pieface flew home early. Also why did they need both Spicey and Huckabee in Saudi?  And finally mentioned the elephant in the room: It was Saudi Arabian terrorists who attacked America on 9-11. Not Isis, not Iranians, not Iraquis, but Saudi Arabians, you now like Osama Bin Laden.

P.S. I learned later that Donald had to skip one of the Saudi events because he was too tired. This from the man who claims to have boundless energy. He sent his vapid camera-happy daughter to fill in.


Once again the media are kissing Trump's ass because he's being treated well by the Saudis. They see any break in madness as a sign of maturing. And why wouldn't the Saudis be happy? Trump just made a billion and a half dollar arms deal with them, which means the next time they attack us, they won't have to steal our planes, they will have their own weapons. In the meantime the crowd of freeloading sycophants flying with him are making generous and excessive use of the word "president" as commanded, to keep his ego in check. Naturally Trump is very happy with the false adulation and being surrounded by gold-laden decors nearly as tacky as his own back home. So it would appear that his visit to these thieves in bathrobes has made him seem slightly sane again, much thanks to speeches written for him which he probably barely understands. I wonder if all these grinning, oppressive, misogynist tablecloth-topped millionaires have any idea how much Trump hates them. And vice versa.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


I was just watching Blake Farenthold,  a feckless fat fuck from Texas, defending Trump and, like so many other Lone Star misogynists (sued for sexual harassment in 2014)  taking every opportunity to still attack Hillary. As Donald makes one misstep after another, he still has Republican fans who must have some secret reason for wanting to keep this moron in office. In this case the bloated Farenthold attacked the media for daring to report the president's stupidities and covering Donnie's idiotic indiscretions. Blake is yet another Texan twerp who puts party ahead of country. I always wonder what the wives and children of representatives like Farenthold think when they see hubby and daddy defending somebody as deceitful, chauvinistic, greedy, narcissistic, and basically immoral as Donald Trump. Especially when, more often that not, they constantly proclaim themselves as Gawd-fearin' Christians.