Friday, July 21, 2017


Did everybody catch My Cousin Vinny, aka Anthony Scaramucci's valentine to President Trump. Apparently he loves and adores the man (he said so over and over) and in his ardour he seems to believe that Trump is a successful president, a truth teller and a man of strength and character, rather than the weakling liar and coward the man really is. So now that Tony has joined the Liars' Brigade and Spicer has stormed off, it will be interesting to see how long someone as obviously egocentric as Anthony is willing to play a ventriloquist's dummy.


Today Sean Spicer resigned as Press Secretary. Now that he has, the media is interviewing friends who are giving him glowing reviews, calling him "a man of character" and, even more offensive, "a true patriot". What bullshit. Spicer was, like Sarah Sanders, a professional liar. What "true patriot" aids and abets a lying, disloyal, lazy, incompetent president? What "man of character" goes out day after day to provide inaccurate, incomplete news affecting the country he supposedly loves and reacts defensively when the press questions his veracity.  At least one reporter referred to Spicer as "damaged goods", a very accurate assessment. Until the Republicans get enough courage to dump Trump, we will have daily lies and Trump-programmed praise from Sanders and other obedient toadies. And we can look for Spicer on Fox news or other outlets that don't care about character just ratings.

Monday, July 17, 2017


Right now Senator John McCain is recovering at his luxurious Arizona home after a complicated and, no doubt,  costly eye operation. At the same time Mitch McConnell is impatiently waiting for McCain's return to Washington to vote on the new ''wealth" bill, which will deny millions of Americans affordable health care in order to reward the wealthy with still more tax advantages. One hopes that McCain, after his operation, is gratefully aware how fortunate he is to have had such expert health care in a dangerous situation, and how others with similar afflictions may not be able to afford similar or even lesser treatment. One can only hope that this cruel health bill does not pass, but the Republicans have proven to be heartless so far, so all bets are off.

Saturday, July 15, 2017


Despite everything, the election of Donald Trump has given us a gift that will benefit  us all for the rest of our lives. It is a gift that will save you time, money, inconvenience, frustration, disappointment, and anger. It is a gift every engaged person can use to avoid a difficult marriage, any business person can employ to sidestep a risky partnership, any family member can depend on to keep them from entanglements with problematic relatives. What is this gift? Knowledge. The knowledge of knowing that anyone who tells you they voted for Trump is an ignorant, angry, racist, moron and someone you should avoid.


It's painfully obvious that Jared Kushner has avoided speaking when possible because he knows his voice is not exactly macho. Since his recent  speech at an event in Silicon Valley, he has been ridiculed for his lack of timbre, with many critics suggesting that he's gay. One suspects that his overbearing father may have cautioned him against vocalizing, but who knows? One could even suspect that his marriage to Ivanka was arranged to give him a stronger more masculine image and unite two greedy families.  What I don't understand is this. If the speaking voice is a cause for concern, why hasn't he worked with a voice teacher as so many singers do? God knows they have the money since it isn't being used to fix the plumbing in the family's many slum houses. Since President Trump has given Jared so much say on how to run the world,  one would wish he had a stronger voice.

Friday, July 14, 2017


Did you ever notice how Trump never sits back in a chair, never takes a comfortable, relaxed position? He mostly sits on the edge of the chair, his hands in front of him, looking as if he is about to spring forward and escape the interview or conversation. Not only does it make him look awkward and uncomfortable, impatient and bored, but it points out how totally socially inept he is. Well, I think I figured out why he sits in that rigid, concentrated way: its more comfortable for the old man's hemorrhoids.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Since you have played such an important part in introducing Russia into our national conversation, isn't it time you ordered your very own flag of Russia to fly over your home on Spring and Labor Day, May 1;  Victory Day, May 9;  and Unity Day, November 6.