Thursday, March 23, 2017


I remember when I used to think that Congressmen and Senators must be really smart people to have been elected to the positions they held. I had assumed that they were men of integrity and intellect, careful weighers of every legal concern, always working to do the best for their country. Boy, was I mistaken, at least about Republicans. I have never seen such a sad collection of two-faced hypocrites, men and women who, for the most part, don't seem to give a damn about the average American, especially if they're poor or black. These pampered overpaid elitists—many of whom are obvious racists—are practically worthless. Their main philosophy seems to be the British expression, "Screw you, I'm all right, Jack." They refuse to take any stand that may deprive them of their perks, their excessive salaries, their unnecessary jaunts, and short working hours. They have totally given up independent thinking, and run with the herd on every major decision. One can see what toadies they are by looking at Devin Nunes; one can appreciate how corrupt and evil they are by reviewing Mitch McConnell's unpatriotic goal of crushing Barack Obama; one can judge how little character they have by seeing those who were insulted by Comrade Trump, like Rafael Cruz,  eager to kowtow and curry favor with him. Of course there are corrupt and greedy Democrats, but not to the same degree as these worthless weasels who, for the most part, are just a few decisions away from being traitors.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


"Teacher's Pet.
"I wanna be teacher's pet.
"I wanna take home a diploma
"And show ma that you love me, too."


Not only is Donald Trump the most ignorant, nasty, and ineffective president we've ever had, but he drags with him his Children of the Corn family. The two creepy robotic sons apparently run the business when they are not out slaughtering endangered animals. But what's with Ivanka and her Norman Bates husband? They seem to be incredibly ambitious without any kind of direction. Jared appears to get his jollies just standing around during important meetings while Ivanka, the First C, gets off playing a combination of office and dress-up. Her main goal seems to be staying as close to daddy as possible. (Where are her children?) What's next? Will we see Ivanka giggling as she hides in the cubby hole of her father's desk like John-John? Oddest of all this freaky little tribe seems to be completely unaware that their patriarch is a complete clown destined for removal if the Republicans ever develop courage.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

This Buick commercial is a complete failure. It's another one of those false, dopey, trite, poorly written and conceived ads that you hate having to see more than once. It's amazing the number of commercials today that end on some imbecilic punchline that has no humor or no logic. When the dotty grandmother says, "Just wait'll you try you his lasagna." the dopey nephew says, "But , grandma, you don't like lasagna." How real is that idiotic exchange? Plus the voice-over says, "Buick has an SUV for that." For what? Bringing home an Italian pickup. I would love to see the agency presenting this ad before the client. Did they actually think this was a really neat idea to promote a Buick?

Monday, March 20, 2017


Oddly enough, I can't find my favorite commercial of the year on YouTube. But there seem to be all kinds of posts by people who find it creepy, vulgar, Oedipal, and inappropriate for a bank. I think it's wonderful. The commercial is for Chase Bank (though I can't find it on their YouTube site) and it shows a woman preparing to go on a date. Her teenaged son seems disinterested, but as she reaches the front door he cautions her, "Remember, Mom. No kissing on the first date." This shows me a warm adult relationship between mother and son. She's still young and attractive and he wants her to find happiness. But many viewers are saying he's controlling, she's irresponsible, their relationship is not healthy. Who are these dysfunctional characters? Not only is the commercial excellent, but both actors are absolutely perfect.


I never doubted for a minute that James Comey deliberately released a report on Hillary Clinton's e-mails in an effort to support Donald Trump's candidacy. The guy is deceitful piece of scum. This is something he has proved conclusively today with his constant, "I'm not going to comment on that" comments during his questioning by the House Intelligence Committee. Comey is not not interested in the truth, but in protecting his job and Donald's secrets. Unfortunately for him, he had no choice but to admit that Trump's fantasy about being wiretapped by Obama was sheer paranoia. But he's walking on eggs to not offend Donald further. Forgive the vulgarity, but the clearest way I can say this is that Comey is up Trump's ass, and Trump is up Putin's ass. And while this FBI Director tries to look calm and helpful, he is terrified and obstructive . We are becoming a country without any man or woman of integrity in high office. That's scary.

Saturday, March 18, 2017


Well Trump has managed to offend yet another country. This time he displayed his rudeness, ignorance and paranoia to Germany. His expression alone should give you some idea of what a bumbling idiot our president is. I took this from my favorite blog
which I recommend for your reading list.