Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Let's face it.

Tell me this isn't the face of a drunk. You don't get to look that weathered and blotchy from just relaxing and playing golf. My guess is that Georgie, once out of the limelight, went back to his
old ways. And why does he drink? I can tell you it's not out of regret for all the young Americans he sent off to be killed in his phony war. He doesn't think about them. It's not all the Iraqi children who died or were maimed and blinded. He doesn't think about them either. It's probably something as simple as knowing he's a loser, and his losing is going to make it impossible for his slightly less dumb brother to ever get the presidency to which Jeb thinks he's entitled. Deservedly, in  his pickled heart George knows he's America's worst president and so does every historian.

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