Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Catholics take note.

As you know the Republican party is denying climate change. The reason for that is that so many Republican industrialists save lots of money when they can pump emissions into the air or dump them into a nearby river or field. And they depend on their Republican congressmen to make sure that convenience continues. So when someone like the Pope comes out and admits the climate is changing because of this carelessness, the GOP goes cuckoo. Now they can't come right out an say that the Pope is wrong, so they do something worse: they scold him. Treating him like an ignorant child, they encourage him to stay out of the argument, even though he is more scientifically based than they are. Of  course the Pope is annoyed because after all the Republicans are dictating birth control, marriage, fidelity, and what God does and does not like, and the Pope sees that as his area. I think Rick Santorum and Jeb! Bush, two Catholics, just may have started a Holy War.

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