Sunday, June 28, 2015

Welcome to Wacko World.

Probably the dumbest tourist attraction in America is the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky. This 60,000 square foot museum which cost $27 million to build has a number of hilarious displays designed to reaffirm the literal interpretation of the Genesis creation narrative. The "museum" employees 300 people who all must sign a statement of faith. The yearly attendance is over 250,000 which doesn't necessarily include believers. I'd love to tour this place, wouldn't you? Here are things I find odd. Both their Adam and Eve mannikin's are 21st century hot. I find this a little creepy for a holy display. Also Adam has a very contemporary nicely trimmed beard. Why did God give him a beard? Did he need one in such a perfect place as Eden? And how did he keep it so trim? Now the museum has many dinosaurs, which apparently were pets and modes of transportation since some have saddles. If Noah took the dinos with him, what happened to them? Did God kill them during one of his fits of fury? I personally approve of the Creation Museum because of the thousands of kids who tour this absurd collection of illogical displays, many will come away ready to embrace atheism or at least ready to eschew fundamental beliefs. And they'll really have a laugh when the multi-million dollar Noah's Ark project is completed. So thanks, Ken Ham, for doing so much to disparage magical thinking.

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