Sunday, July 5, 2015

Displays of cruelty.

You can't love fireworks and animals, because animals are terrified and disturbed by fireworks. Every Fourth of July and New Year's Eve hundred of dogs and cats run away to hide and are often not found. Many are actually hurt or killed by leaping over fences or crashing into walls and windows in their panic. Every year fireworks displays lead to deaths of thousands of birds all across the country. They recorded the deaths of 5,000 birds in Arkansas alone. The loud sounds frighten birds  out of their nests and often send them flying in wild panic leading to their deaths. So the next time you go to a fireworks display and ooh and aah at all the bright explosions in the sky, keep in mind that animals are suffering all around you while you enjoy that brief pleasure. Just another way the selfishness of people results in the torment and death of innocent animals. If you care, protest to your local authorities and request a safer and quiet laser light display.

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