Friday, July 10, 2015

Sorry. Not what I call talent.

I don't know why any country feels the need for water boarding or any other kind of painful torture. It seems to me that a repeated playing of Taylor's Swift's "Shake it Off" would make anyone confess to anything. I heard it for the first time at Einstein's today and thought it was never going to end. Why is this strident, repetitive mediocre song successful? Has American really lost any taste it had in popular music. We used to have superb vocalists and, in the background, skilled musicians and  talented backup singers,  all delivering memorable songs written by professional-and often famous—lyricists and composers. Now we have artificial-sounding voices, mostly female, singing a single  strident lyric over and over and over and over and over with pseudo-instrumentals and an insistent beat. And to make it worse—if that's possible—every one of these average singers thinks they are brilliant songwriters, which explains the myriad of unrhyming, ungrammatical crap that pours out of loudspeakers in every mall, restaurant, store and doctor's office.

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