Tuesday, July 7, 2015

"This will be a cinch."

I'm not a great typist. I'm fast, but I make lots of mistake. You know who's really terrific at typing and never makes mistakes? Anyone on a television show or in the movies. Every time the hero, heroine, or some other character sits down at the computer what they type is perfect. I know that because it's always displayed on the screen, and they never have to go back to fix a typo. But that's only part of what's amazing. I'm also astonished how they can sit down at any brand of computer in any office or war zone and within seconds know exactly how to manage every program. That's skill, let me tell you!
But I shouldn't be surprised. After all these same heroes can leap into any plane or helicopter and have it flying in no time. And boy do they know how to dodge bullets. I love movies. They're so realistic.

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