Thursday, July 23, 2015

"I had some people over. You don't know them."

Tonight, while watching Episode #7 of The Slap (Australian version) I realized one of the saddest things about society today. We are all watching different TV shows at the same time, assuming that
so many of us spend our evenings watching television.  So the next day we have nothing to discuss, no opinions to share. When I was growing up in the 50s and early 60s there were three networks so everybody watched such programming as the The Ed Sullivan Show, I Love Lucy, and The Gary Moore Show, etc. depending on the year. The next day you shared a laugh about Lucy and Ethel's latest dilemma, or Carol Burnett's comic routine. Tomorrow nobody I know will have been watching The Slap. And I will probably not have seen anything they watched. And if someone does watch it two weeks from now, I will have moved on to something else and not interested in discussing Rosie's neurotic obsessions or Hector's infidelity. In fact, none of my friends watch any of the programs I watch, which is very frustrating when you want to discuss a character's behavior or how brilliant some actors are.  I wonder what effect these endlesss unshared evenings have on all our relationship. And I wonder how much alike we all were when almost every night of the week we shared the same experience. Hmmm.

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