Sunday, July 5, 2015

On the ballot.

In a nationwide poll 43% of Americans said they would not vote for a presidential candidate who was an atheist. So, in short, they insist that any president of this country must believe in superstition and magical thinking. In a crisis they would insist on having a president who prayed for the problem to go away with god's help, rather than knowing it was up to him to take only realistic and earthly action. And, knowing Americans, I am sure they would be very picky about which of the many never proven omniscient gods the candidate would have to blindly believe in. I'm sure their choice would be the recently invented (in the larger span of time) Christian god, you know the one who sits in heaven and knows every single move that every one of the billions of people on earth makes, listens to every prayer, rewards many nasty people with untold wealth, and punishes innocent people and millions of children with famine, drought, and disease. That's the guy that 43% of Americans insist that any president they vote for must believe in.

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