Monday, July 27, 2015

False advertising stinks.

At Target today I bought a product called OXY-FAST. It's a stain and odor remover that claims its "Oxygen power makes stains and odors completely disappear." Naturally it does no such thing." But I was willing to once again fall for a completely false claim since I have a cat who sprays and I don't plan to give him up. OXY-FAST had no effect of course, which makes me really miss the days when there actually was truth in advertising. Now it seems anyone can claim anything with impunity. "Lose 10 pounds in 3 days!" "Never buy a battery again." "Improves brain function in just one week." There are lots of frauds, but odor-removal seems to be one of the winning scams. The most successful of the  deceitful scams is febreze. It doesn't do anything it promises other that to provide a temporary masking scent like any past room deodorizer, yet it sells like crazy because of clever packaging and wildly deceptive commercials. All these hucksters, all these thieves, all these con artists are rolling in money for one simple reason: We Americans are hopeless optimists.

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