Sunday, July 5, 2015

Great series, except for......

Everyone accepts this rule: When you're making a film you don't show the microphone boom. But for some reason, no one agrees with me on this just as important rule: When you're making a film, you shouldn't show the camera flare. For some reason both cameramen and audiences think the flare of the camera lens is artistic, dramatic, acceptable. I think it's like putting out a frequent sign that says: Don't forget this isn't real, this is a film, these are actors, you are looking through a camera. I just watched the third episode of Poldark, which is very entertaining except for the constant camera flares that remind me  that the cinematographer, script girl, director, the grips, sound engineer, craft services, carpenter, wardrobe, makeup people, hair stylists, and dozens of others involved in making this series are all nearby. So losing yourself to the world of 18th century Cornwall is very difficult when every few minutes you see the glassy lens of a 21st century camera which, despite what anyone says, is no less intrusive than a microphone boom.

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