Friday, July 10, 2015

Sworn to ignore.

The Accidental President is a musical about Millard Fillmore, our 13th president, which I wrote with California composer John Dusenberry. I figured if anyone ever produced it, a good promotion would be to give a Fillmore "gold" dollar to the first 100 ticket buyers. The problem I discovered from both my banks is that the government will not send specific dollar coins, one takes what one can get, and I couldn't get Fillmore. So I wrote to the Secretary of the Treasury, Jack (Jacob) Lew, asking if there was any way to secure 100 such coins. Months went by. No response. I wrote a second letter. More time went by, no response. I am very disappointed, of course, that I don't have a solution to my quest for these coins. But I am more disappointed to realize that a Cabinet Member, the Secretary of the Treasury, fifth in line for the presidency, doesn't have any sense at all that it is just plain courtesy to respond to a simple request such as mine. I'm sure the Secretary has secretaries who have secretaries, so there is no excuse for this rudeness from a public servant.

Follow-up: I finally received a letter explaining that these $1 coins are no longer available to the general  public, but can be purchased through their on-line catalog. After getting the run-around by salespersons who hadn't even heard of Fillmore, I found that I could purchase the $1 coin for $11.00 and they would include a 44 cent stamp!

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