Wednesday, July 8, 2015

They have reason to smile, other than idiocy.

Fox News is where you'll find some of the luckiest people in the world. Who are they? The so-called journalists who are completely unprofessional, embarrassingly  biased, and generally ignorant. And yes, amazingly enough, employed! The idea that the three stooges on Fox and Friends even get to host a program boggles the mind. Stupid as she is, at least Elizabeth Hasselbeck is attractive, but Steve Doocy looks like a goofy yokel in his first suit, and Brian Kilmeade, let's face it, is really weird looking. Yet there they are: three harpies on a sofa, making vitriolic comments every day, attacking President Obama like schoolyard brats jealous of the smart kid. These goons make excellent salaries spewing illogical crap. I call that fortunate because no respectable news outlet would have them. And there are so many more of the Walking Brain Dead at Fox: volatile Bill O'Reilly, prissy Tucker Carlson, Bimbo Megyn Kelly, and always-flying-off-the-handle Sean Hannity. They're all so lucky that all the stupidest people in America tune into Fox News for their daily rations of hate-mongering and right wing propaganda.

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