Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A reason to be proud.

Political correctness is getting completely out of hand. It was fine when we accepted that certain words were offensive and therefore taboo. It was an easy transition to call handicapped people challenged and residents of shelters guests.  Yes, the Confederate flag should come down, but everyone who reveres and admires it isn't a racist and really do we have to stop running the non-racist The Dukes of Hazard because some set designer foolishly painted the flag on a car to reflect Southern jingoism? Not only are we liberals going overboard with all these rules of behavior and language, but we are endangering what we value most, or once did, freedom of speech.  The list of what were are not allowed to say or think grows longer every day. And now it is leading to even scarier behavior. If you read the news today, lots of people seem to want to shut Donald Trump up completely and make him apologize for every inappropriate thing he says.  I call that scary, Yes Trump is boorish, loud, ignorant, insulting, offensive and comical. He is also an American and entitled to free speech just like the rest of us. So instead of being outraged at whatever comes out of Donald Trumps mouth, we should be thinking, "Isn't American great."

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  1. The First Amendment right of free speech only curbs government action against free expression. It has absolutely nothing to do with social or commercial approbation (or disapprobation) of what publicly expressed sentiments. If Americans are deciding that the Confederate flag is a distasteful symbol that has no place in society or culture (or on public land), I have no quibble with that. A world without The Dukes of Hazzard is a better one, as long as we all know that the free market and capitalism are the ones that are calling the shots, not the political right or left.

    In short, corporations and businesses and the US Chamber of Commerce have decided that flags appropriated by the KKK and other haters are nonstarters when it comes to making money. That is the change that we should celebrate. Where only a beleaguered minority once resented the flag, now they are joined by businesspeople and Republican state legislators who are afraid corporations won't relocate to South Carolina. Okay, maybe it's for mercenary reasons, but we'll take it. Whatever works!