Monday, July 13, 2015

"Damn it, I can't put that down."

Today, on my 73rd birthday, I have a little list. These are the things I've never done: driven a car; been to a sporting event; played a video game; finished a beer; been to a relative's funeral; been to a relative's wedding; eaten an oyster; broken a bone; roller skated, jumped off a diving board; been on a wooden roller coaster; learned a second language; gone to college; scubaed, snorkeled, or water skied; voted for a Republican; owned a smart phone; played golf; been to a family reunion; learned to dance; been in debt; played any musical instrument; been to a rock concert; learned to cook; made a bucket list; lied about my age; taken my life for granted; and much more, of course. Now many of these things are regrettable, some can still be changed, some were blessings, and others don't matter at all. However, there is one thing on this list of which I am very proud. Can you guess what it is?

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