Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sandwich boards redux.

Today a very attractive young woman passed me while I was waiting for the bus. She had a beautiful face, a fantastic figure, and was fashionably dressed. Except for one thing. Across her chest in huge embroidered letters was "AEROPOSTALE". I will never understand why so many people are willing to pay to be walking billboards for zillion dollar corporations. This woman was a attraction in herself, so why would she need to advertise that she buys this brand of top? Why would anyone? I can see where a small Ralph Lauren logo on a Polo shirt is decorative. But who are these characters that walk around with that same logo 8 inches high in a variety of garish colors? Some designers don't even make a pretense of subtlety, Tommy Hilfiger has millions of unpaid sandwich boards walking around praising his vin ordinaire fashions. And what could look more meretricious than those ubiquitious garish belts with the designer's name hugely spelled out in gold, silver of glass jewels? The irony is that all these fashions are supposed to proclaim that the wearer is fashionable, moneyed, and has excellent taste. But instead the just say to one and all, I am insecure, have no style of my own, and am terrified to wear anything that doesn't clearly have the name of designers who probably think I'm an idiot.

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