Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Today's Top Non-story.

The lazy news media did something really stupid this week. In an attempt to shame Trump for his derogatory remarks about McCain, they spent valuable news time on all the networks comparing McCain's service to his country to Trump's deferments and lack of military service. Duh. What an idiotic and unnecessary report. This is a story that could be covered in a single sentence, but then they might have to report on some real news. And if you're going to cover such a meaningless incident, why not show the flip side. Does being a prisoner equate to being a hero? Was McCain totally truthful about his years in captivity? And, more important, being an American doesn't Trump, like everyone else, get to say pretty much what he thinks without being pressured for an apology? We don't have news networks any more. Sadly,what we have instead are news/sports/entertainment/fashion/music/crime/weather/gossip/and movie review programs. I wonder what really happened in the world today.

1 comment:

  1. Wish they had paid half the attention to Cheney and the other Republican war-mongering chickenhawks as they're paying to Trump.