Wednesday, March 1, 2017


What did Trump's speech prove last night? It proved that he can read from a teleprompter or at least that he stumble through a ghost-written speech. It proved that he is every bit the hypocrite and liar we expect him to be. It proved that he takes zero responsibility for the death of Ryan Owens and the other many civilian victims, including children, of his botched raid in Yemen.  While using the tearful widow Carryn Owens as a prop, he still maintains that it was the generals who lost Owens, nothing to do with him. (Bill Owens, Ryan's father, refused to attend and demands an investigation.) The speech proved that Trump will say anything to curry favor with his fans, despite having no plans or even intentions of fulfilling his promises. It proved that it takes a prepared speech to get him to comment on the rash of anti-Semitic acts that he has been ignoring. It proved that the media is gullible considering all the bouquets tossed at Trump for being able to read a prepared speech. And it proved that, on the day after his speech to Congress, our unhinged president is every bit as narcissistic and useless,  as he is using today to take a "victory lap" in the belief that he was as always, brilliant beyond words.

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