Friday, March 24, 2017


Dear Paul and Donnie. You can say you came close, but not close enough. You can keep insisting that your plan was wonderful and sadly many Republicans just didn't appreciate its value. You can lament about the Democrats not supporting you. You can sneer, whine, bitch, and insist that Obamacare is doomed and show your petty schoolyard delight at such a possibility. You can issue all kinds of fake statistics on Obamacare's lack of success and hope nobody notices how far your figures are off. You can kiss each other's asses endlessly since nobody else will be doing it. But the bottom line is this: your bill failed miserably, it was a bomb, a disaster, an embarrassment. You both looked weak and ridiculous. You both made alibi speeches that were accusatory and unmanly. And  all over America, millions of men, woman and children still have access to health care despite all your coldhearted efforts to make sure they didn't.

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