Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Not only is Donald Trump the most ignorant, nasty, and ineffective president we've ever had, but he drags with him his Children of the Corn family. The two creepy robotic sons apparently run the business when they are not out slaughtering endangered animals. But what's with Ivanka and her Norman Bates husband? They seem to be incredibly ambitious without any kind of direction. Jared appears to get his jollies just standing around during important meetings while Ivanka, the First C, gets off playing a combination of office and dress-up. Her main goal seems to be staying as close to daddy as possible. (Where are her children?) What's next? Will we see Ivanka giggling as she hides in the cubby hole of her father's desk like John-John? Oddest of all this freaky little tribe seems to be completely unaware that their patriarch is a complete clown destined for removal if the Republicans ever develop courage.

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