Friday, March 10, 2017


I had an interesting memory today about the presidential elections. First of all, I think that the networks, notably MSNBC, were greatly responsible for electing Trump. I say now, and said then, that they gave him much more coverage than Hillary, and they did then what they still do now: vacillate on whether he's an idiot or "presidential". But forgetting all that, what I recalled yesterday was this: His supreme confidence that he would win the presidency, even in the face of remarkable odds. I recall him telling his thousands of deplorables that he knew he was going to win when all the signs pointed to a Hillary victory. Even at the time I found his confidence strangely suspicious. I think I know why. Act the time I feel certain he was in cahoots with Russians. In addition he had Giuliani working with his government connections, notably Comey, to make sure the already falsely vilified Clinton would face even more suspicion. No doubt about it. The election was rigged. Even I don't think Americans are stupid enough to wilingly elect this brainless bonehead.

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