Saturday, March 11, 2017


I guess I don't understand politics. Why are all these Republicans obsessed about replacing Obamacare? What do they care? As government parasites, they have an excellent health plan. So it's no money out of their greedy pockets. Do they just not want poor or middle-class people to have a health plan? Or is it what so many people already think: racism, a hatred of that uppity Obama who has the gall to be thinner, smarter, more educated, more refined, and more centered that any of them are? I can't see any reason for these ne'er-do-wells to be so neurotic about replacing health care. Don't they have other things to do? And when the constituents at their town halls (assuming these cowardly congressmen show up) express a desire to keep their health care, why isn't that reason enough to do so? It isn't like these morons know more than the voters and have sound reasons to leave them medically stranded. So what's the problem? Lots of people are benefiting from Obamacare. If rates are going up, it's probably because we still have a pay-to-survive health system that pours millions into the coffers of pharmaceutical companies. Maybe that's the problem, some high-paid executive at a drug company who is whispering in the ear of his corrupt and compliant congressman, "I want more. See what you can do."

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