Sunday, April 9, 2017


Nothing makes me feel so optimistic about the goodness of people than these flash mob videos from around the world. First of all they represent the kind of willing cooperation it takes to even stage such high-spirited events. People in complete harmony. What could be better?  Each one willing to devote the rehearsal time required to achieve this kind of  unity in a mostly crowded area like a train station, airport, or shopping mall. When they do, all the participants seem to radiate total happiness as do all the observers who, I am sure, feel the contagious joy. Also these various flash mobs express such a variety of our cultures and histories, from hit rock songs to classical symphonic concerts. Every one I've seen is a smile-winning, tear-jerking delight, whether it's  a performance of the 1812 Overture in Valencia, Spain;  a Bollywood spectacle outside of London's Wembley Station, or a stirring"One More Day" from Les Miserables in Orlando. Happily there are now too many to list as these joyous events are happening worldwide. I include here Do Re Mi at the Antwerp train station, as it was the first one I ever saw. I hope to see one in person some day

Note: I apologize in advance for all the hucksters that cram unwanted ads into these videos.

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