Saturday, April 29, 2017


This woman is as much a joke as her father. She seems to have no idea that she is an intruder in the White House. The  very idea that she would make an unwanted appearance in Germany with all those highly qualified women in her made-from-upholstery dress is shameful. Suggesting her father is a defender of families rightly got hissed and she, totally clueless, didn't even appreciate the contempt sent her way. She feels no guilt about all the reports that her clothes are made in China by children for $1 a day, if that. She is not the least embarrassed at trotting along with her buffoon of a father to insert herself in international meetings. For a supposed orthodox Jew she is disturbingly vain and sleazy. And her hinting at any kind of alliance with working class women is comical. And one wonders who is taking care of her children while she goes swanning around the world. Sadly, the gullible media treats her as if she were a significant person, but she is a parvenu, an invader, a teeny bopper of an adult, a spoiled and  absurd person who is the absolute perfect reflection of her shallow father.

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