Sunday, April 30, 2017


Having heard so many rave reviews of La La Land, I was eager to see it. Since I no longer go to theaters where morons check their e-mails every five minutes creating a sense of a fire fly attack, I had to wait to see it on cable, which I did last night. I didn't actually see the entire movie. After about 25 minutes, I gave up. In fact, I was ready to give up after the opening dancing scene on the Los Angeles freeway. That pretty much clued me in on what a rotten film this would be. I couldn't make out what they were singing, the dancing looked totally unrehearsed, and the band-in-the-van created the final "give me a break"moment. What followed was bad acting, bad singing, mediocre dancing, an illogical story, a who cares love affair, truly choppy editing, cliche costuming, and a mush-mouth soundtrack.
If the stars hadn't been in better films, you would never guess they were talented. (This film and Singin' in the Rain should never be used in the same sentence.) What did surprise me was that so many people on the Internet also felt this film was truly overrated, if not a downright disappointment. I keep vowing I will never fall for hype again, and I always do.

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