Saturday, April 29, 2017


One of the reasons we are stuck with President Trump is that MSNBC, of all networks, gave Trump total coverage during his campaign. They vilified Hillary constantly, gave her little coverage and constantly showed Donald and his adoring fans as if he were of some value. And he won. And now that we are stuck with this moron, right now, at this moment, at 8 pm on Saturday night MSNBC is giving complete coverage to his rally in Pennsylvania. They are presenting every moment of his speech and Pence's speech, showing every second of exultant cheering from the gullible crowd, every bragging lie. Why are they still continuing their excessive coverage of Donald Trump on his 100th day of failure?  Why?  What makes MSNBC so eager to present this traitorous adoration of this dangerous madman? Why? Why? Why?

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