Monday, August 24, 2015

The death of real songs.

Why does America have such low-brow musical tastes? First of all that which is piped in everywhere you go it not actually music, it's noise. It's sound designed to fill the environment of every restaurant, store, medical office, and mall. Many restaurants even blast manufactured cacophony into the street. And it is rare to non-existent for that "music" to be anything but the most pedestrian pop songs, more often than not with second-rate singers screaming intensely repetitive lyrics. You never hear inspiring classical music, or universal favorites from America's Songbook. You rarely hear actual singers like Sinatra, Garland, Bennet, Clooney or any other past or contemporary artists who can actually sing. You also rarely hear superior instrumentals. Most of these songs have a strident insistent beat that was probably produced on some music machine. Sadly, I don't think Americans are that uncultured.  I think the purveyors of music systems have brilliantly conned businesses everywhere. First, by convincing them that music is necessary to generate business. It isn't. And secondly by selling them absolute crap and telling them it is what consumers want. It's not. These scam artists know very well that people seldom complain. I am a rarity. They also don't want to pay the royalties required for top talent, ergo: all these moderately talented over-produced, echo-chambered, single-beat performers chanting pedestrian six-word cliches often repeated 20 to 30 times, invariably using the noun "baby" and generally of no interest to ASCAP or BMI. I personally detest having to listen to this shit everywhere I go. And I don't think I'm alone. But most people just put up with what is placed in front of them. Which is really stupid. If you go into a restaurant, you order what you want from the menu, not what you are told you must choose like it or not. So why is everyone so willing to have some huge profit-making company determine the music they must listen to?

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