Sunday, August 30, 2015

The media praises another pain in the ass.

This is going to sound very misanthropic, but the news is especially annoying today because it's letting so many stupid people off the hook. For starters Gregory Murrey, he's the moron who fell 40 feet  to his death at the Atlanta baseball stadium. Seems he got so carried away with his dislike of Alex Rodriguez he catapulted himself right through the guard rail. The news of course never mention that he was a jerk to do so. Another idiot this week was Miyuki Harwood, the 62-year-old who carelessly got separated from her hiking group and wandered off like an unsupervised tot. The result? She was lost for nine days in the Sierra National Forest. The news media made a big fuss about her rescue never mentioning that she was a thoughtless and careless idiot to put so many people at risk who had to go searching for her. Finally, while I think the unprovoked shooting of a police officer Darren Goforth at a gas station in Harris County, Texas, was a terrible tragedy, I think it's ludicrous to hold a vigil at that gas station because it was the site of his death.  I think most of the many mourners are merely ghouls who want to be part of a news story. Also ridiculous are the de rigeur balloons and stuffed animals which always create a maudlin display. The news of course always covers such sentimentality with insipid seriousness.

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