Saturday, August 29, 2015

"Evil thy name is Dick."

There are lots of despicable Republicans. The GOP practically has a monopoly on creepy, soulless, cheating, war-mongering, hypocritical liars. But there's one who stands head and shoulders above all the others. He's nastier, angrier, balder, older, and deadlier than all than anyone else. And despite being out of power—and surprisingly out of prison—he still has an Adjutant General and Propaganda Minister which he produced from his own poisoned loins to assure that she would be as evil as him. Amazingly this old rattlesnake is still hissing and spewing poison everywhere he goes, which shouldn't surprise you because he only looks like a nonagenarians. Which is a pity because while he often moans like he's at death's door, he always survives to crawl or wheel from city to city with his blonde-helmeted nursemaid daughter making false accusations, dire predictions and unprovoked attacks. Many have compared this mass-murdering monster to Darth Vader, which is ridiculous. Next to Dick, Darth seems practically adorable.

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