Tuesday, May 15, 2018


At age 75 and in moderately good health, I suddenly developed a mystery malady. Several times a day for several minutes I would get terrible pain from my upper chest to my throat and jaw. When it
went away I might be pain free for as long as eight hours till the next assault. My family doctor had no answer and suggested it might be Gerd and I call my Gastro doctor. He said he didn't think it was Gerd and when I suggested an endoscopy, he nixed it. Next I went to the cardiologist. He had no idea, but recommended I take an extra Zantac each night, and gave me a prescription for a costly cat scan,
which I am having tomorrow. I then went to the ENT, a wise diagnostician, usually. He used only a tongue depressor and asked me to say,"Ah" before recommending a twice daily gargle with a substance called Nystatin for two weeks. It had no effect and the pain continued, striking often and at various times. My family doctor told me that if the cat scan reveals nothing, I will just have to stop thinking about t this pain, the suggestion that it was all in my head. What happened to the days of the doctor, eager to find he cure to a mystery ailment, the cause of an unexpected medical problem? I admit I am a big of a hypochondriac. But this pain is real, and it hurts.

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