Sunday, June 4, 2017


Trump would love to suppress the press.  And I he would love to squelch freedom of speech since he is so often the butt of it. Luckily for him, the mass media are playing right into his tiny hands. This week they have been totally overwrought and artificially sanctimonious over Kathy Griffins harmless severed head of Trump and Bill Maher's use of the expression "house nigger".The head was a macabre, but cathartic expression of the hatred we feel for this American dictator. Thank you Kathy. The expression Maher used did not reflect any racism, but rather the historic difference between slaves who worked in the field and those who served in the house in an era that has thankfully passed. If Maher has to be punished for using the verboten word than let's make it off-limits to black comedians as well and rap singers who use it often. But, no, let's not.  These are two incidents from two talented comedians, both less offensive than many comments that President Trump has made. Don't fight Trump's battles. Protect freedom of speech, even when you personally find it offensive. It's our greatest protection against tyranny.

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  1. It's not a question of free speech. Freedom of speech is concerned with the government oppressing rights of expression. Rather, it's a question of what the market will bear. And the market has decided that it will not tolerate white people using the n-word. Maher more than most people should have known what was toxic and what was not. A stupid, stupid mistake. The only bright side is that Ben Sasse got besmirched by the incident, too.