Saturday, June 17, 2017

As a True Crime addict, I probably watch more murders, kidnappings, arsons, and other crimes than any respectable TV fare, and I'm surprised at how many others of my acquaintance do as well. In this post I just want to list few observations I have had during my years of crime addiction. 1. There are very few, almost no, detectives in America who know the difference between "lay' and "lie".  95% of the time they will say, "the body was laying there." 2, For some weird reason, detectives will often refer to the man who stabbed a woman 50 times before beheading her and setting her on fire as "the gentleman in question". Huh?  3. Many supposedly educated criminologists think that "drug" is the past tense of "drag". Huh, again. 4. Many woman are murdered during the night because they leave a window unlocked. 5. An impressive numbers of murders of both woman and men result from not walking away at the first sign that the person you're involved with is possessive and jealous. 6. Other murders result in not checking out that fabulous person you met who is just too good be true. 7. It is an unwise, often doomed, spouse who says, "I'm going to take you for every penny you have." 8. Serial killers are often handsome, charming, and delightful company. Sorry, I can't write any more, The Killer Next Door is about to start.

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