Tuesday, February 28, 2017


I just watched a report about Stephen Miller, you know that repulsive bald creep in the White House. It seems he was loathsome even while slinking around Santa Monica High School. He constantly criticized Latino students for language skills that were not up to his standards. Back then he said he liked being offensive, which he certainly was and is to this day. His career of intolerance has included working with such unhinged hatemongers as Michele Bachman and Jeff Sessions. It seems that he was gifted with one talent, and one only, the ability to write. Sadly he uses it exclusively in the service of hate and bigotry. As senior advisor to Donald Trump he is perfectly placed as he is as crazy as Donald. Although his role reveals the pathetic side of his nature as he seems to be desperate to have the admiration and affection of an older man. What I find amusing is that highly literate Stevie is sure to cringe at Trump's malapropisms, mispronunciations and incredibly limited vocabulary. While serving at the pleasure of the President, Miller is sure to feel greatly superior to Trump as he does to almost everyone else in in the world. At the same time Donald is bound to find it uncomfortable to have his not so hidden anti-Semitism stirred up every time he has to rely on a young Jew who is much smarter than he is even if they do both have stunted black hearts.

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