Thursday, February 23, 2017


Trump did cause one good thing. His presidency gave us proof positive that the Republicans are lazy, greedy, unpatriotic cowards. The number of GOP lawmakers who were unwilling to meet with the very people who put them in office and pay their excessive salaries is shocking. And the ones who did cave and attended town hall meetings show us how out of sync they are with real people.The reptilian Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell could only stand mute with an idiotic expression on his collapsing face totally unmoved by a constituents passionate rant. The egotistical Tom Cotton, looking puffy and rumpled didn't have a clue how to calm his angry crowd. Most others. including the ever evasive Marco Rubio, didn't have the courage to face their town halls, one of which was still conducted with questions directed to an actual empty suit. Yes, the election of a totally ignorant and worthless and unquestionably dangerous dictator has been a magnifying glass that exposes the Republican worms and lice that are crawling all over the Houses of Congress and not a can of Raid in sight.

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