Friday, February 24, 2017


I wonder. Is there not one or more noble Republican members of Congress who care more about their country than their salaries, their perks, and image? Is there not one who will risk it all to admit what most of us already know: that Donald Trump is not fit for the office of president? Why are so many men and women who have sworn allegiance to the United States denying what is so obvious to most of the country's citizens? We had a brilliant and caring president with Barack Obama who was constantly stymied by a bitter and dishonest congress. So much could have been accomplished if the GOP sheep hadn't followed the lead of the sour and unpatriotic Mitch McConnell and his other racist cronies. Now we have a dictator who is filling his cabinet with thugs and naifs and using our country as a source of personal profit. Can America's reputation recover from the slings and arrows we are now facing? Yes, if there is a rebirth of patriotism among the conservative politicians who are presently pandering to this tyrannical con artist.

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