Thursday, February 16, 2017


Today, February 9, as most people know is A Day Without Immigrants, a work-stoppage event to show the country, and Trump, how important immigrants are to the American economy and fabric.
All over America, businesses had to rely on skeleton crews or close down entirely as the nation's hard-working immigrants, legal or illegal, proved their value to our nation's success and progress. I, of course, greatly support this show of force. But it also made me wonder what would happen if we had A Day Without Gays. Not only would every single profession be affected from architects to zoologists, but imagine what it would do to the world of artists, singers, dancers, hairdressers, waiters, flight attendants, chefs, fashion designers, nurses, and every possible creative field where gays have greatly distinguished themselves. Broadway alone would be a very dark place. Our nation I think would be totally shocked to see how much it depends on the wit, intelligence, imagination, talent, and vivacity of its gay citizens. It may never happen, but it's something to think about during the Trump years when he has so many right-wing bigots, racists, and homophobes in his administration.

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