Sunday, February 12, 2017


This past week I saw three disturbing situations. They were all essentially the same thing: child endangerment. In each case a person on a bicycle had a child as a passenger, both without a helmet. In the first situation, it was a moronic teen, gleefully biking down busy Coral Way, a near-tot sitting on the handlebars of his bike. One collision and it is likely the delicately balanced child would be dead. The other two situations were similar. In each a young woman was pedaling along a busy street, a young child sitting in their rear passenger seat. No helmet as I said. I don't care how good these idiotic women were as a cyclists. All it would take is one run-in with a  drunk or careless driver and their child would go flying through the air, possibly land on their head and be either dead or brain-damaged for the rest of their lives. Not only was I furious as all three bikers whom I couldn't communicate with, but also with Miami's police department who aren't on the lookout for this kind of lawbreaking and ready to issue tickets with massive fines to avoid such reckless stupidity in the future.

Note: The photo above may be charming. But in an accident those flowers would be strewn across an Amsterdam street, this mother would be rushed to a hospital, and that child's white top, would be 
covered with blood.

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