Sunday, January 29, 2017


I grew up in Boston. So I am very familiar with Copley Square. In fact, at one time I was fortunate enough to live within two blocks of this famous location. Over the years I have seen many gatherings at Copley Square, but never anything like this. This is a crowd protesting a growing a growing dictatorship. A mass in fear of ever-increasing restrictions from a sadistic and senile septegerian. This Cradle of Liberty assembly is just one of many demonstrations across America expressing fury and outrage at our moronic new president and his hateful, ill-conceived executive order banning the admission of foreign persons, partly because he is a paranoiac coward, but mostly because he is anti-Muslim bigot. Will we continue to bear the shame and danger of having this bizarre autocrat leading our nation into ruin? Or demand his removal and return to being a safe, sane and peaceful nation with no need for such protests?

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