Sunday, September 6, 2015

Smart Water. Stupid ads.

Some of the dumbest, most meaningless ads I've seen lately are on full-sized, outdoor posters.  The latest and dumbest of them all is for something called Glaceau smart water.  This black and white poster has a second-rate photo of whom I assume is Jennifer Aniston, looking not her best Her eyes are over made up, her hair is ratty, and she is wearing a white blouse and nondescript suit. Why?  The illogical headline for this already idiotic ad  is  "sip pitch  fast track", which of course means absolutely nothing as do so many utterly clever ads today. The follow-up copy assures us that this water was "inspired by the clouds" and to add a touch more absurdity the words next to the bottle are "up, up, up".  I suspect that Glaceau smart water is not inspired so much by the clouds as some American city's water supply. But why Jennifer, if it is Jennifer, would agree to look so dopey is beyond me.

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