Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Between the ages of six and nine, my brothers and I went to the Ruggles Street Baptist Church in Boston. While I enjoyed Sunday School, I didn't much care for attending the Royal Ambassadors, a church club governed by a surly counselor. Despite being an atheist from as early as twelve, I always liked biblical stories, especially the tale of Joseph sold into Egypt, Daniel in the lion's den, and the story of Samson. I was always sure that the bible they gave to children like me had a very erotic painting of Samson in bondage. But I assumed it was must be mistaken. Why would a bible. especially one in a Baptist church, have any erotic picture in it?  And, of course, I had long ago lost the bible. But when I was recently given a old bible that belonged to a friend of mine who passed away, I was surprise to see that it contained that very photo. Do you think it's erotic?

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