Saturday, January 20, 2018


As an atheist and a member of the Freedom from Religion Foundation, I am very concerned about
the government's constantly flouting of the Constitutions ruling against the separation of church and state. When Trump repeatedly says 'God Bless America' you can be pretty sure he means the Christian god, the one his fans believe in, and which I am sure he doesn't, being an lifelong atheist himself. We know of course that Pence is a narrow-minded evangelical zealot, as are most of the oh-so-white members of Congress, thus they ignore the existence of any other religion but their own. And while they bow their heads at illegal prayer meetings they are working out new ways to send many true Christians and Muslims back to lives of misery, loneliness and deprivation and finding sneaky ways to reward the rich and moneylenders thus spitting in Jesus's face. So I'm pissed. Partly because it's illegal to promote their religion, any religion. And partly because it's hypocritical. Of course, not to mention that I don't want any national problems to face solution by prayer, but by intelligent discussion with leading experts not some obese narcissistic naif. We must take bullying Christians off the public playing fields, town halls, Congress and everywhere where the separation of church and state applies. If you really believe in your faith, you don't need to express it in places where it is not welcome or legal, you don't need to demand that others accept your religion and no other. You live in America. Start acting like it. And that goes for you too, Godless Trump.

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