Wednesday, January 17, 2018


I'm sure every American is proud today to know that our septuagenarian president is in, according to his doctor, "excellent shape". Just looking at this photo shows you the kind of athletic build the POTUS can boast about.  He is so healthy he has grown more than an inch since taking office, and those nasty bone spurs that kept him from defending his country have disappeared. Also, god bless him, he is that rare person who can live on Big Macs, and KFC and still maintain superb health and enviable body mass as you can see.  True the only exercise he gets is stepping in and out of a golf cart during his endless games, but look at his Adonis-like physique. There is no question that Dr. Jackson was completely accurate in his evaluation of our beloved leader. With his health being this good, we can be pretty sure Trump's boundless energy will allow for lots more partying with porn stars in his future.

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