Saturday, August 5, 2017


What could be a better symbol of our do-nothing, know-nothing, wimpy, whiny, overweight president than this cover of Newsweek? It captures our Commander in Chief in all his gory: sullen, bitter, inert and alone. Here he sits with his overworked remote, unresolved angers and Nutsy Squirell*tie tuned into Fox News where Fox and Friends are his only friends. He began his presidency believing that the would be the greatest president of all. He saw cheering crowds, dozens of bridge openings, yes, even his image added to Mount Rushmore. Yet here he is during his first year, a flaccid, feckless failure. A pathetic incompetent who has to make frequent trips to the hinterland where gullible morons are assembled to cheer his every inanity.

*NOTE: Nutsy Squirrel is an antrhopomorphic character by DC Comics. As you can see Nutsy, like also nutsy Trump, wore his necktie ridiculously long. But one doesn't expect a cartoon to know better.

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