Friday, December 23, 2016


See, if I said that, I would be lying like all the networks do. Starting tomorrow I am heading north in search of cold, snow, ice, fireplaces, a sense of Christmas, and pine trees that aren't sold at Publix. I will be visiting Washington, D.C. while it's still civilized, Boston, and New York. Since I am a coward, I will be taking the train up and possibly flying back. Since I am a Luddite, I cannot promise I will be able to write any posts during my trip, but I'll see if I can figure it out. Unlike most travelers, I don't need company, though it is occasionally pleasant, and I don't need major cities. Coolidge Corner is as interesting to me as Piccadilly Circus—well, sorta. Anyway, I may have another gripe or two before I actually take off. But I should be back on line sometime in late January. My partner will be manning the fort and caring for the critters. He loves solitude as much as I do. So don't invite him anywhere. His motto is the same as Elaine's on Seinfeld, "I'll go if I don't have to talk."

P.S. If you want to read an interesting blog by a brilliant and fiery Democrat while I'm gone, I highly recommend my friend's mycatsaredemocrats which usually calms me down.

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