Tuesday, December 13, 2016


I love these Internet surveys that ask, "Should Hillary Clinton be jailed." Boy, there must be lots of nuts out there who hate their mothers, and have found a sick, pathetic way to get even in their demented little minds. Hillary has done nothing to be jailed for, as so many wasteful multi-million dollar investigations have shown. Now Trump on the other hand, the greatest projector of his time,  has been guilty of many criminal offenses:assaulting women, cheating on his taxes, not paying his debtors,  fixing a presidential election, and countless acts of which we will never learn. Yet this never occurs to his moronic supporters while they screw up their faces with illogical anger at Hillary that Donnie is a much greater criminal. Even more strange is that these devoted morons don't connect the dots of Trump's ravings, and realize that he wouldn't spit on these mostly overweight, low IQ, cheaply dressed, economy car, poorly educated, bible-thumping, lower classes. His fans are no more than toilet paper to Donald Trump as he has proved in stating that he only wants a cabinet staffed with men who have made a fortune. And that does not include that sixty-plus, triple-chinned, beer-bellied, polyester-clad, bloated losers robotically holding up signs that illogically read, "Lock Her Up!"

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