Sunday, October 29, 2017


I just spent a night at a ridiculous hotel in New York. I won't tell you the name, as I will smear them enough with this post, but I found it very silly, though its patrons think of it as very in, very now. For one thing the entire hotel is white, including the elevators. The guest bathrooms feature the very latest in pretentious sinks and fixtures.I was surprised when the water ran rusty for several minutes, adding a touch of color.The large glass shower was impressive, once you figured out how to regulate the trendy controls,which I never did. After a few hours I was suffering from snow blindness. The only colors were on the TV, which I also could never figure out. The reason I stayed there was, at $239.00 a night, it was less costly than any other hotel. However when I got the bill for that one night, they had added $21.23 sales tax, $14.05 city TAX, $2.00 occupancy tax, $1.50 hotel unit fee, and $20.69 facility fee. This last charge is for all the items they put in the refrigerator for you to enjoy. Since there is usually a charge for such items, I avoid using them. But at the white hotel, you are charged for them whether you "enjoy" them or not. Final charge: $298.67. But then again it may be my last hotel charge in New York City, which has become ridiculously unaffordable.

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